Hey there! My name’s Michael. I’m an enthusiastic amateur photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

My first experience with photography was shooting 35mm film in a old Pentax K1000 as part of a photography class in secondary college. I was thirteen years old. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but being able to take, process and print my own black and white photos was something I won’t ever forget.

Many years later I was looking for a creative hobby to help me deal with a stressful job. It was with some surprise that photography popped into my head. It was an idea that I just couldn’t shake, so I went and bought a digital camera.

Since then I’ve spent a lot of time walking, exploring and shooting. My interest pretty quickly focused in on dense urban environments and the great moments of friction you get when you put a whole bunch of people in a relatively small space. Cities are a great canvas, and I love the way we’ve tried to use planning and architecture to impose order on our diverse and disorderly citizenry.